Seafood Appetizers

Party-pleasing appetizers, perfect for any occasion.

Our Seafood Appetizers

For a fresh take on appetizers, serve any of our crowd-pleasing plates and prepare to be amazed. From the most classic to the most creative, Yankee Trader Seafood serves a wide variety of frozen, pre-packaged seafood appetizers, ready for your next event.

Spring Rolls

Delicious, hand-wrapped spring rolls, ready in 12 minutes. Great on the grill, and a tasty treat at any tailgate, our spring rolls are available in a wide variety of flavors, including Mac n’ Cheese, Steak n’ Cheese, Buffalo Chicken, Reuben Chicken Parmesan and Shrimp Cojita.


Retail packages of spring roll boxes, these hand wrapped in the USA spring rolls can be purchased in retail boxes of 6 spring rolls (1.5 oz/spring roll)


Hand-folded by retired Origami artists, our rangoons are so beautiful you could place the leftovers around your house as art pieces. That is, if you have any leftovers. Try our delicious crab or lobster rangoons at your next party or event.


Retail packages of crab and lobster rangoon boxes (retail size and club size rangoon, your choice of crab or lobster both with leave you satisfied, perfect appetizer for the whole family can be purchased in packages of 12 rangoons/box and also 28 rangoons/box

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon

Yankee trader seafood is quickly becoming famous for being one of the largest producers of delicious scallops wrapped in bacon. With demand growing higher and higher year after year, chances are you will see some of these in your local grocery store sooner rather than later… if they’re not already there that is. Made with freshly caught Atlantic Sea scallops and wrapped in large-cut bacon, these scrumptious seafood appetizers won’t take long to show you why they’re a best seller!


Retail packages of scallops wrapped in bacon boxes, these hand wrapped in the USA can be purchased in retail boxes of 6 or 20 pieces (Bacon cooked or uncooked)

Other Seafood Appetizers

So many options, how can you choose just one? Bacon-wrapped dates or short rib. Crab minis, calamari rings & lobster crostini. We even have a wide variety of shrimp seafood appetizers, including coconut, popcorn, sweet chili and baked stuffed shrimp. There’s no shortage of savory starters at Yankee Trader Seafood!


Enjoy many other Yankee Trader Seafood appetizers great for all occasions!

About Yankee Trader Seafood

Founded in 1994 by Gerry McAdams, Yankee Trader Seafood is a woman-owned, minority-based seafood company currently run by the founder’s daughters and grandchildren. Classic, home-cooked flavors meet fresh ingredients and special blends of spices in our menu of mouthwatering seafood cakes, appetizers, and meal kits. Yankee Trader Seafood is a trusted name in New England kitchens, with a loyal following from Manhattan to Maine.


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