About Yankee Trader Seafood

One of America’s Top Frozen Seafood Brands 

We’re Yankee Trader Seafood, one of the premier frozen seafood brands not only in New England but in the entire United States. We produce a wide variety of frozen seafood products, from seafood appetizers to seafood cakes to seafood meal kits and everything in between.

Our dishes possess traditional, home-cooked flavors brought on by carefully measured combinations of herbs and spices. Frozen in perfection, they need only to be heated to be enjoyed. 

Founded by Gerry McAdams in 1994, and presently run by his daughters (Stephanie and Lisa) and granddaughters (Alex and Emma), our company is woman-owned and minority-based. In addition to distributing and supplying our packaged seafood products to grocery stores and restaurants throughout the country, we also sell them at our online seafood store, Emma Leigh & Co.

When it comes to that winning combination of variety, creativity, and flavor, few frozen seafood brands even approach the level of Yankee Trader Seafood, a New England icon with nationwide appeal. 

Our certifications include the following:

  • SQF Certification
  • Tracer Register (seafood traceability)
  • USDA-approved Plant # 38456
  • FDA approved
  • Kosher Certified
  • ICIX Certification
  • Our products are in distribution throughout the United States.

Leading the Way

Yankee Trader seafood has a history of leadership in seafood sustainability and is committed to environmental impact initiatives within the seafood industry. We are leading the way in crab sustainability and our vision for a sustainable Blue Swimming Crab resource continues to move forward.

Sustainability Programs

We strongly believe in Fishery Improvement Programs that will lead to more sources of sustainable seafood, and enable us to provide the healthful benefits of fish and other seafood for future generations. These programs mean a wider variety of seafood offerings for our customers, and they show our commitment to fishermen and fishing communities around the globe:

Environmental Efforts

Yankee Trader Seafood is committed to adopting green practice throughout our company and in the communities we serve. Our goals are to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint — and we are proud of these environmental impact initiatives and the positive impacts they have made.



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